Video – How to Fix the Mini Headlight Bolts Rotating (when they won’t come out!)

Trying to Remove a Mini Headlight, But the Bolts Keep Rotating – How to Fix!

How Can I Get the Bolt or Screw Out?

The headlight bolts, (mainly mini models R55, R56, R57, R58, R5,9 R60, R61) have a habit of corroding inside their housing. The headlight bolts screw into captive nuts, moulded into the plastic housing. When undoing the headlight bolts, if the bolts are seized (corroded), the captive nuts break free. You then can’t undo the bolts, as they just go round and round, without ever coming loose. They just won’t come undone!

The video also shows how fix, once you get the bolt or screw out…

More Detailed Info:

More detailed information can be found on this page: How to Fix Rotating Mini Headlight Bolts (that Won’t Come Out).: (Opens in a new window / tab)