Land Rover

The following articles were tasks carried out on a Land Rover…


How to Repair or Replace a Head Gasket

Block, Head Gasket & Cylinder Head
Intro… The images below show what’s involved in repairing a cylinder head gasket, from the initial strip down to re-assembly. Modern engines are fairly complicated, with numerous additions to help […]

How to Repair Your Sunroof

Sunroof Repair - Tilted Sunroof
Intro… This guide is about repairing your sunroof (sometimes called a moonroof). It applies to most vehicles fitted with a tilting glass sunroof. The same faults can apply to any […]

Land Rover ACE Removal (Deletion)

Some models of the Land Rover Discovery 2, (and some versions of Range Rover) are fitted with ACE. This is an Active Cornering Enhancement system. When it fails, (often due […]