Fixing stuff that’s not house related, objects, tools, etc…


Welding (Featured Image)
To fuse, solder, bond, braze, cement, combine, fix, join, link, unite, blend, couple, merge, amalgamate, bind, bond, coalesce, commingle, conjoin, marry, unify, unite, glue, put together, tack on…


Old Chuck Key
Quite simply, it’s all about an apparatus, appliance, device, engine, gadget, gizmo, machine, mechanism, utensil, contraption, implement, or a whatchamacallit…

Fixing Stuff

How to Fix an Electric Motor - The Armature
Quite simply, to ameliorate, cure, heal, rebuild, reconstruct, rectify, redress, rejuvenate, renew, repair, restore, revamp, or sew…


The Different Gas Bottle Types and Sizes (Featured Image)
Quite simply, these are expendable, dispensable, replaceable, unused, disposable, employable, exhaustible, exploitable, utilizable. To abrade, rub, chafe, consume, crumble, decay, decline, decrease, deteriorate, diminish, dwindle, erode, fade, fatigue, fray, grind, scrape, […]