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How to Measure & Buy a Replacement Bearing

How to Measure a Bearing
Many ball bearings come in standard sizes. If the item you require is just an ordinary ‘standard type’, you can measure the size, (Bore x Outside Diameter x Width), or […]

How to Buy a Chuck Key for a Hand Drill or Drill Press

Old Chuck Key (1/2" or 13mm)
I had just bought a second-hand drill press, but the chuck key was missing. No problem I thought, chuck keys are easily found. Just type in chuck key in google, […]

How to Buy a Bandsaw Blade

Teeth Per Inch (tpi) - Featured Image
Bandsaw blades come in a multitude of different sizes and will cut a large range of different materials. But which type of bandsaw blade do you buy? Hopefully the information […]

How to Repair Your Speaker – Re-foaming

Speaker Repair - Broken Speaker Foam Surround
Speakers can deteriorate with age. The flexible foam surround that allows the speaker to oscillate (and generate sound) can start to disintegrate… Has your speaker(s) sound quality deteriorated?When you use […]

Welding Cast Iron

Welding Cast Iron (Featured Image)
I had a broken piece of cast iron I wanted to fix, so I started to read, (a dangerous thing!). This is a summary of all the info I found… […]

The Different Types of Welding

Welding (Featured Image)
There are various types of welding processes (equipment) available. Each have their pro’s and con’s. Some processes are more suited to a particular type of material to be welded, and […]

How to Buy a Chainsaw Guide Bar or Chain

Chainsaw Chain & Guide Bar - Featured Image
My chainsaw wouldn’t cut very well. It was driving me nuts! I checked the sharpness of the chain.I sharpened it again, just in case!Checked the raker clearance.Checked the chain tension.etc, […]

How to Fault Find & Troubleshoot Electric Motors

How to Fix an Electric Motor - The Armature
When an electric motor starts making a horrible noise, or it just stops, what do you do. Is it broken, is it repairable? This article sets out to describe how […]

TIG Welding

TIG Welding Machine (Featured Image)
Lots of stuff on TIG welding.

How to Buy a Gas Bottle or Canister

The Different Gas Bottle Types and Sizes (Featured Image)
The way you buy gas is often dictated by the amount you’re purchasing, whether it is stored in a bottle or canister? Therefore buying gas can be divided into two […]