If it breaks, is old or worn, I will try and fix it…

Generally, broken stuff can end up being thrown out, (when there is not a lot wrong with it). It can end up being too expensive to take to a repair shop, or to call someone in. I hate chucking things out, it’s such a waste, it costs you money, it’s not green and destroys the planet. So, here below is info on some of the things I have fixed over the years.

Plus… There is more info on tools, vehicles, restoring things, as well as things I’ve learned, and building new stuff! I hope it’s of use.


Jammed or Stuck uPVC Window - Removing the Window Handle
Fixing stuff that makes up the fabric of the house and garden…


Speaker Repair - Broken Speaker Foam Surround Removed
Fixing stuff that’s not house related, objects, tools, etc…


Triumph TR4A Front Lights
All things vehicle related…


Say no more…

Latest Articles:

How to Repair Asphalt – Weeds:

How to Repair a Driveway - Weeds
Weeds can be a real pain. They will often grow around the edge of driveways (where there is a join). Or, in any cracks that have appeared. A ‘self seeded’ […]

How to Repair Asphalt – Painting (Old Age, Wear and Tear):

How to Repair a Driveway - Painting on Bitumen (Featured Image)
Over time, as an asphalt driveway ages, small stones in the asphalt become dislodged. The asphalt can loose its ability to hold together and can start to break up. Dirt […]

How to Open a Jammed, Stuck, or Seized uPVC Window

Jammed or Stuck uPVC Window - Removing the Window Handle
I couldn’t open the window, it was stuck, jammed and seized shut. The window handle moved, but the window just won’t open? Description: When you close the window, the gearbox […]

How to Fix Rotating Mini Headlight Bolts (that Won’t Come Out).

Trying to Undo a Mini Headlight Bolt (Featured Image)
Mini Headlight Bolts, mainly mini models R55, R56, R57, R58, R5,9 R60, R61 (Link to part numbers) have a habit of corroding inside their housing. The headlight bolts screw into […]

How to Replace a Wheel Valve

A 'Schrader' Type Valve (8mm) - (Featured Image)
I had a slow puncture and it wasn’t from my tyre? I had just pumped my tyre up. When I disconnected the foot pump, I noticed that some air was […]

How to Break the Bead on a Tyre

Breaking a Tyre Bead (Featured Image)
Most tyres fitted these days are tubeless. To create an airtight seal, between the tyre and the wheel, the tyre has to sit on the ‘bead’ around the rim of […]

How to Buy a Chuck Key for a Hand Drill or Drill Press

Old Chuck Key (1/2" or 13mm)
I had just bought a second-hand drill press, but the chuck key was missing. No problem I thought, chuck keys are easily found. Just type in chuck key in google, […]

Video – What the Hell is That Stuck to the Side of a Vehicle?

What the Hell is That Stuck to the Side of a Vehicle
What on earth is that stuck to the side of that vehicle..? Description: I had just gone to get the weekly shop, loaded up the car, jumped in… and just […]

Video – How to Fault Find & Troubleshoot Electric Motors

Electric Motor Fault Finding
Description: When an electric motor starts making a horrible noise, or it just stops, what do you do. Is it broken, is it repairable? This video sets out to describe […]