If it breaks, is old or worn, I will try and fix it…

Generally, broken stuff can end up being thrown out, (when there is not a lot wrong with it). It can end up being too expensive to take to a repair shop, or to call someone in. I hate chucking things out, it’s such a waste, it costs you money, it’s not green and destroys the planet. So, here below is info on some of the things I have fixed over the years.

Plus… There is more info on tools, vehicles, restoring things, as well as things I’ve learned, and building new stuff! I hope it’s of use.


Jammed or Stuck uPVC Window - Removing the Window Handle
Fixing stuff around the house and garden…


Speaker Repair - Broken Speaker Foam Surround Removed
Fixing stuff that’s not house related, objects, tools, etc…


Triumph TR4A Front Lights
All things vehicle related…


Say no more…

Latest Articles:

How to Repair Asphalt – Subsidence and Overloading:

How to Repair a Driveway - Using a watered down first coat as a primer. This helps everything stick
Subsidence: Subsidence is often where the surface below the asphalt is weakened by: Typically the area will sink, the asphalt surface will stretch, which in turn causes cracking. The asphalt […]

How to Repair Asphalt – Cracks and Holes:

How to Repair a Driveway - Two Holes and a Crack
Cracks in a driveway may be caused by roots growing underneath the driveway and causing the ground to expand. They can also be caused by weeds, Subsidence and Overloading. The […]

Land Rover ACE Removal (Deletion)

This page covers the removal of the ACE (Active Cornering Enhancement) from the Land Rover’s Discovery 2. Topics: Notes: The ACE Pump: The pump can be easily removed from the […]

Disconnecting (& Removing) the Vehicle Battery:

Things to watch out for (what can go wrong)? Is There a Radio Code? The vehicle handbook advised that a radio security code would be required if the battery was […]

How to Repair Your Sunroof

Sunroof Repair - Tilted Sunroof
Intro… This guide is about repairing your sunroof (sometimes called a moonroof). It applies to most vehicles fitted with a tilting glass sunroof. The same faults can apply to any […]

How to Fault Find & Troubleshoot Electric Motors

How to Fix an Electric Motor - The Armature
When an electric motor starts making a horrible noise, or it just stops, what do you do. Is it broken, is it repairable? This article sets out to show you […]

How to Measure & Buy a Replacement Bearing

How to Measure a Bearing
Many ball bearings come in standard sizes. If the item you require is just an ordinary ‘standard type’, you can measure the size, (Bore x Outside Diameter x Width), or […]

TIG Welding Gun (Torch) Parts:

TIG Torch (Gun) Consumables
A TIG gun (torch) can have various interchangeable parts fitted. These interchangeable parts (along with the TIG welder controls), enable you to weld a variety of materials, and their different […]