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How to Repair Vehicle Lights Acting Strangely

Triumph TR4A Front Lights
* If you are unsure about working on vehicle electrics, seek the advice of an electrical engineer * Symptoms When indicating…  the flashing indicator light is dim and other lights […]

How to Repair or Replace a Head Gasket

Block, Head Gasket & Cylinder Head
Intro… The images below show what’s involved in repairing a cylinder head gasket, from the initial strip down to re-assembly. Modern engines are fairly complicated, with numerous additions to help […]

How to Repair Your Sunroof

Sunroof Repair - Tilted Sunroof
Intro… This guide is about repairing your sunroof (sometimes called a moonroof). It applies to most vehicles fitted with a tilting glass sunroof. The same faults can apply to any […]

How to Repair a Cracked Broken Remote Key Fob

Key Fob Repair - The Silicone Repair After it is Set
A few years ago I had a quote for a replacement remote key fob (or remote keyless entry system) from the main dealer. This was just over £100 for the […]

Towbar, Trailer & Bike Rack Electrics

Trailer or Bike Rack Electrical Connector Socket
If you have a trailer or rear mounted bike rack and it obscures the vehicles rear lights and license plate, then you will need a light board, or you could […]

How to Remove a Boot (Trunk) Liner & Side Panels

Mini R57 Convertible - Trunk (Boot) Enlarged Access
Removing the boot liner and side panels is normally a straight forward job. Just removing a few screws and plastic fixings? Occasionally there will be something that won’t come undone […]

How to Work on Vehicle’s Safely

How to Safely Work Under a Car
I did a Google search for working on vehicles safely at your home, or if you broke down. I was hoping to find ‘free’ government type sponsored documentation that I […]