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How to Repair a Driveway

How to Repair a Driveway (Featured Image)
Driveways are under constant attack from weeds, sun, rain, vehicles, old age and general wear and tear. If you have an asphalt driveway, it may at first seem difficult to […]

Mould on Walls & Ceilings, Damp Walls?

Have you got black mould on the walls and ceilings? A mould issue can often be misdiagnosed and can have several causes. You can go into a lot detail on […]

The Best Washing Line (is it Unbreakable)?

A Broken Washing Line - Tying a Knot
There is nothing worse than all your nice clean washing ending up on the floor, when your clothesline breaks. Time and time again I’ve installed an ‘off the shelf washing […]

How to Lift up a Floor Board

How to Lift up Your Floor Board - Cutting the Floorboard
What is the best way to lift a floor board? What tools should I use, what’s under the floorboard that I can’t see and might damage? Where should I cut […]

How to Open a Jammed, Stuck, or Seized uPVC Window

Jammed or Stuck uPVC Window - Removing the Window Handle
I couldn’t open the window, it was stuck, jammed and seized shut. The window handle moved, but the window just won’t open? Description: When you close the window, the gearbox […]