Videos – Fixing Stuff

Video – How to Fault Find & Troubleshoot Electric Motors

Electric Motor Fault Finding
What are the Most Common Causes of Electric Motor Failure: When an electric motor starts making a horrible noise, or it just stops, what do you do. Is it broken, […]

Video – How to Fix Rotating Nuts in Plastic (That Won’t Come Undone):

How to Fix Rotating Nuts in Plastic That Won’t Come Undone
How Can I Get the Bolt or Screw Out of Plastic? There’s nothing more annoying when you’re trying to get something apart, than a rotating bolt or screw that just […]

Video – Speaker Foam Repair & Replacement from Start to Finish:

How to Repair Your Speaker Surround
Speakers can deteriorate with age. The flexible foam surround that allows the speaker to oscillate (and generate sound) can start to disintegrate. The speaker foam, or rubber surround holding the […]