Video – How to Fix Rotating Nuts in Plastic (That Won’t Come Undone):

Rotating captive nuts in plastic – How can I get the bolt or screw out?

How Can I Get the Bolt or Screw Out of Plastic?

There’s nothing more annoying when you’re trying to get something apart, than a rotating bolt or screw that just won’t come undone. Especially when you can’t get hold of the nut or ferrule that’s holding the bolt or screw captive. Because it’s hidden, or there’s no access. Sometimes you just have to find another way of getting that bolt out…

The video also shows how to repair, once you get the bolt or screw out.

More Detailed Info:

More detailed information can be found on this page: How to Fix Rotating Mini Headlight Bolts (that Won’t Come Out).: (Opens in a new window / tab)