Speaker Foam Repair & Replacement from Start to Finish (Video)

How to Repair my Speaker Foam…

Speakers can deteriorate with age. The flexible foam surround that allows the speaker to oscillate (and generate sound) can start to disintegrate.

The speaker foam, or rubber surround holding the cone to the speaker frame can deteriorate with age and become perished. If this happens, the speaker or speakers will not work in the way they were originally designed. If you have another speaker of the same age and cone type, this is also probably about to fail. It’s likely both will need to be refoamed. The repair can prolong the speaker’s life. It will save you buying a new pair, plus you’re doing your bit to save the speaker from landfill.

This video shows you how to repair and replace the foam surround, and get your speaks back to sounding as good as new…

Speaker Parts

If you’re not sure what you need, sometime it’s a good idea to have a look? The list below may give you an idea of what’s what’s available, what to look for and how much it costs…

Ordering Parts – Examples of what you can buy & how much they cost:

Speaker Repair Parts
Item Location
Speaker Foam Rings. United Kingdom  UK Prices
United States  US Prices
Australia  AU Prices
Canada  CA Prices
Glue. United Kingdom  UK Prices
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Canada  CA Prices
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How to Repair Your Speaker Surround:

More Detailed Info:

Can be found on this page: How to Repair Your Speaker – Replace the Foam Surround (Refoaming): (Opens in a new window / tab)

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