Quite simply, these are expendable, dispensable, replaceable, unused, disposable, employable, exhaustible, exploitable, utilizable. To abrade, rub, chafe, consume, crumble, decay, decline, decrease, deteriorate, diminish, dwindle, erode, fade, fatigue, fray, grind, scrape, scuff, shrink, become worn, use up, wash away, wear out, become worthless…

How to Buy a Gas Bottle or Canister

The Different Gas Bottle Types and Sizes (Featured Image)
The way you buy gas is often dictated by the amount you’re purchasing, whether it is stored in a bottle or canister? Therefore buying gas can be divided into two […]

Step-by-Step Guide to Buying the Best Bandsaw Blade for Your Saw

Teeth Per Inch (tpi) - Featured Image
Bandsaw blades come in a multitude of different sizes and will cut a large range of different materials. But which type of bandsaw blade do you buy? Hopefully the information […]

How to Buy a Chainsaw Guide Bar or Chain

Chainsaw Chain & Guide Bar - Featured Image
My chainsaw wouldn’t cut very well. It was driving me nuts! In the end, it turned out, I had the wrong chain fitted! I had gone to a supplier and […]

What Size is the O-Ring Fitted to a Garden Hose?

What Size is the O-Ring Fitted to a Garden Tap?
It can be a right pain when water starts leaking around the connector on a garden hose. Usually the o’ring has disintegrated, or the hose connection has started coming adrift. […]