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How to Buy a Chuck Key for a Hand Drill or Drill Press

Old Chuck Key (1/2" or 13mm)
I had just bought a second-hand drill press, but the chuck key was missing. No problem I thought, chuck keys are easily found. Just type in chuck key in google, […]

How to Buy a Bandsaw Blade

Teeth Per Inch (tpi) - Featured Image
Bandsaw blades come in a multitude of different sizes and will cut a large range of different materials. But which type of bandsaw blade do you buy? Hopefully the information […]

How to Buy a Chainsaw Guide Bar or Chain

Chainsaw Chain & Guide Bar - Featured Image
My chainsaw wouldn’t cut very well. It was driving me nuts! I checked the sharpness of the chain.I sharpened it again, just in case!Checked the raker clearance.Checked the chain tension.etc, […]