To fuse, solder, bond, braze, cement, combine, fix, join, link, unite, blend, couple, merge, amalgamate, bind, bond, coalesce, commingle, conjoin, marry, unify, unite, glue, put together, tack on…

Welding Cast Iron

Welding Cast Iron (Featured Image)
I had a broken piece of cast iron I wanted to fix, so I started to read, (a dangerous thing!). This is a summary of all the info I found… […]

The Different Types of Welding

There are various types of welding processes (equipment) available. Each have their pro’s and con’s. Some processes are more suited to a particular type of material to be welded, and […]

How to Buy a Gas Bottle or Canister

The way you buy gas is often dictated by the amount you’re purchasing, whether it is stored in a bottle or canister? Therefore buying gas can be divided into two […]

TIG Welding

Lots of stuff on TIG welding.
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