TIG Welding

Lots of stuff on TIG welding.

Buying a TIG Welder

Buying a TIG Welder - Featured Image
Buying a TIG welder can look daunting at first, because there appears to be so many different makes, models and options available? What can I afford, do I go cheap […]

TIG Welder Consumables

TIG welding consumables come in a variety of types and sizes, dependant on the type of material you’re welding and its size (thickness). Then there’s the individual differences. i.e. If […]

TIG Welding Gun (Torch) – The Different Types:

There are two groups of TIG torches, air cooled and water cooled. Topics: Air Cooled TIG Torches: Air cooled TIG torches tend to be available for welding up to 200A. […]

TIG Shielding Gas:

Welding gases provide a shield around the welding arc to prevent oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen (contained in the air around us) from affecting the quality of the weld. Topics: The […]

TIG Welding Gun (Torch) Parts:

A TIG gun (torch) can have various interchangeable parts fitted. These interchangeable parts (along with the TIG welder controls), enable you to weld a variety of materials, and their different […]
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