Fixing Stuff

To, rebuild, reconstruct, rectify, redress, rejuvenate, renew, repair, restore, revamp, cure, heal and ameliorate...

How to Repair Your Speaker – Replace the Foam Surround (Refoaming).

Speaker Repair - Broken Speaker Foam Surround
Speakers can deteriorate with age. The flexible foam surround that allows the speaker to oscillate (and generate sound) can start to disintegrate. This article shows you how to repair and […]

How to Measure & Buy a Replacement Bearing

Many ball bearings come in standard sizes. If the item you require is just an ordinary ‘standard type’, you can measure the size, (Bore x Outside Diameter x Width), or […]

How to Fault Find & Troubleshoot Electric Motors

When an electric motor starts making a horrible noise, or it just stops, what do you do. Is it broken, is it repairable? This article sets out to show you […]

The Best Washing Line (is it Unbreakable)?

There is nothing worse than all your nice clean washing ending up on the floor, when your clothesline breaks. Time and time again I’ve installed an ‘off the shelf washing […]

What Size is the O-Ring Fitted to a Garden Hose?

It’s a pain in the arse when water starts leaking around the connector on a garden hose. Usually the o’ring has disintegrated, or the hose connection has started coming adrift. […]
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