Engine & Transmission

Articles relating to a vehicles ‘Engine & Transmission’ and its associated parts…

My Diesel Won’t Start When its Cold – How to Fix Glow Plugs.

Diesel engines start using the compression of the air fuel mixture. Diesels don’t like starting when cold. Hence diesel engines are fitted with glow plugs to heat the air fuel […]

Car Went Through Water and Died – How to Fix?

My daughter had driven through a large puddle of water. I received a phone call, “the car engine has stopped and it won’t start?” I grabbed a tow rope and […]

Videos – Testing Glow Plugs:

All the videos about testing glow plugs. With & without a test meter (multimeter), how to measure the resistance, supply voltage. Testing the glow plug timer, etc… Glow Plug Videos: […]

How to Buy an Oil Sump Drain Plug or Washer

My daughters car had an oil leak. Luckily for me, the leak was coming from the oil filter housing. An easy fix, buy a new filter (the housing oil seal […]

How to Repair or Replace a Head Gasket

Intro… The images below show what’s involved in repairing a cylinder head gasket, from the initial strip down to re-assembly. Modern engines are fairly complicated, with numerous additions to help […]
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