Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Articles relating to a vehicles ‘Brakes & Suspension’.

How to Remove a Wheel

For the majority of the time, there are probably two reasons for changing a wheel on a car: When you need to work on a vehicle: If you have a […]

How to Replace a Wheel Valve

I had a slow puncture and it wasn’t from my tyre? I had just pumped my tyre up. When I disconnected the foot pump, I noticed air was escaping. I […]

How to Replace a Wheel Valve Stem

I had gone to pump up my tire. When I connected the foot pump, I noticed that air was escaping. My initial thought was that the pump wasn’t connected to […]

How to Break the Bead on a Tyre (Tire)

Most tyres fitted these days are tubeless. To create an airtight seal, between the tire and the wheel, the tyre has to sit on the ‘bead’ around the rim of […]
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