Videos – Brakes, Steering & Suspension

Video – How to Break the Bead on a Tyre:

Most tyres fitted to vehicles are now ‘tubeless’. The tyre has to sit on a ‘bead’ around the rim of the tyre, creating an airtight seal. To remove the tyre, […]

Video – How to Replace a Wheel Valve Stem

When I connected the foot pump to pump up my tyre, I noticed that air was escaping. My initial thought was that the pump wasn’t connected to the valve properly. […]

Video – How to Inflate a Car Tire Back on the Rim:

If you have no air in your tyre and it’s not sat on the rim. When you go to inflate it, the air is just going to leak out… This […]

Video – How to Replace a Wheel Valve (Fitted to a ‘Schrader’ type valve stem).

I thought I had a slow puncture, but the air loss wasn’t coming from my tyre? I had just pumped up my tire and disconnected the foot pump. When I […]
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