TIG Heat Shield (Insulator):

The TIG insulator (heat shield) often gets overlooked. But it is often designed to match the type of ceramic cup being fitted. You can use different insulators with different types of ceramic cups, but the shielding gas may leak from the joint between the insulator and ceramic cup, rather than the end of the nozzle.

TIG HeatShield – Names Used:
Consumable Names Used
TIG Heat Shield Heat Shield


The Different Types of Heatshield:

The TIG torch insulator (heatshield) is often designed to fit the gas cup as well as the TIG torch. Therefore it is just as important to match the shape of the Insulator to the gas cup (nozzle), and to match the insulator to the correct TIG torch.

TIG Consumables – Torch Heat Shield (Insulator) – Some of the Different Types

As you can see from the image above, each of the white heat shields have a slightly different profile. Each are designed to match the profile of the gas cup (nozzle), as well as the TIG gun.

Therefore, when buying heat shields it may be advantageous to buy them as part of a set of kit, because the parts are more likely to match.

How to Fit a TIG Heat Insulator:

They don’t tend to have a screw thread, but just twist on and off the TIG torch head (over a rubber lip). Make sure the torch has cooled down before trying to remove the heat shield…

TIG Welding Consumables – Torch Heat shield (Insulator)

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