Video – The Handle Moves but the Window Won’t Open (Easy to open example):

How to open and fix windows that are stuck (Easy to Open Example)

uPVC windows can be a real pain if you can’t get them open. The window handle gearbox can break (which is often the case). Or, the shoot bolt (espag or espagnolette) and roller cams (mushrooms) jam or seize. When the gearbox breaks, it doesn’t allow the shoot bolts and the roller cams to return to the open position, and the window won’t open.

How on earth do you open the window, I just can’t get access to the mechanism?

The video above explains how to get the window open and what you can do to solve the issue…

Fixing a uPVC Window That Won’t Open:

More Detailed Info:

Can be found on this page: How to Open a Jammed, Stuck, or Seized uPVC Window: (Opens in a new window / tab)

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