Vehicle Wiring (Electrics)

Articles relating to a vehicles ‘Wiring’.

Vehicle Connectors

Vehicles (car, van, lorry, motorcycle, etc), their connectors come in all shapes and sizes. How do you release the connectors, check the connections, modify and repair them? Topics: Releasing the […]

My Turn Signal (Indicators) Flash Fast on One Side?

To get turn signals (indicators) to flash, there needs to be something in the electrical circuit that automatically switches the turn signal lights on and off when power is applied. […]

Towbar, Trailer & Bike Rack Electrics

If you have a trailer or rear mounted bike rack and it obscures the vehicles rear lights and license plate, then you will need a light board, or you could […]

Trailer & Bike Rack – Type of Electrical Connectors

Trailer Connector Differences:A Brief Summary of the type of Trailer Connectors (by region):Socket Types: Trailer and Bike Rack connectors can come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on […]

Video – My Turn Signal (Indicators) Flash Fast on One Side?

Why Would a Broken Bulb Cause my Indicators to Flash Faster (Start ‘Hyper Flashing’)? Turn signals ‘indicators’ flash using a relay (in older vehicles), or are controlled by electronics (the […]

Trailer & Bike Rack – The Bypass Relay

What is a Bypass Relay:How does the Bypass Relay Work:Which Bypass Relay Should I buy:Hints & Tips: What is a Bypass Relay? Since about 1990, most cars have been controlled […]

How to Install Load Resistors for LED Turn Signal Lights:

To add a load resistor to an indicator (turn signal) it has to be wired into each LED light bulb in parallel. I.e. The load resistor goes across the light […]

How to Repair Vehicle Lights Acting Strangely

To describe some of the possible faults, I’m going to use vehicle lights as an example… If a vehicle has a bad electrical connection (dirty, tarnished, or corroded connections), it […]
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