Video – How to Test Glow Plugs From Start to Finish (With a Multimeter) – The Complete Guide

‘How to Test Glow Plugs – With a Test Meter…’

Testing Glow Plugs with a Multimeter


Petrol engines start with the assistance of a spark from a spark plug to ignite the fuel. Whereas diesel engines start using the compression of the fuel mixture. However, diesels don’t like starting when cold. Hence diesel engines are fitted with glow plugs that heat the air fuel mix to aid starting when cold.

If a diesel engine is running well and starts easily when the engine is warm, but won’t start when cold, (or takes ages to get it started when cold). It could be an issue with the glow plugs, the glow plug system (module, relay, or voltage supply). This video shows how to test glow plugs with a multimeter (test meter).

More Detailed Info:

More detailed information can be found on this page: Diesel Won’t Start When Cold – How to Fix Glow Plugs: (Opens in a new tab)

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