Videos – Vehicle Wiring (Electrics)

Video – My Turn Signal (Indicators) Flash Fast on One Side?

Why Would a Broken Bulb Cause my Indicators to Flash Faster (Start ‘Hyper Flashing’)? Turn signals ‘indicators’ flash using a relay (in older vehicles), or are controlled by electronics (the […]

Video – Why do my Turn Signals Blink Fast With LED Lights

Turn signals (indicators) flash with the help of a relay (on older vehicles). With modern vehicles it will be electronics. The indicator circuit automatically makes the turn signals flash on […]

Video – How to Install a Load Resistor for LED Lights (The Theory, Wiring Diagrams, etc)

Modern cars can have sensitive electrical circuits. Replacing an old filament lamp with an LED, can have an affect on the circuit (a change in the load). It may cause […]
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