Video – How to Test Glow Plugs – Measure the Continuity:

How to Measure the Glow Plug Continuity (a quick test to see if the circuit is open or closed).

How to Perform a Glow Plug Continuity Test:

If your test meter can’t read low resistance (1 to 6 ohms), or you don’t have a multimeter? Do a continuity check.

A continuity check will test if there is an open circuit (check if the glow plug is broken internally). You can check continuity with a cheap & simple ‘buzzer’ or ‘light probe’ tester. If you don’t get a ‘buzz’, or a glow from the light, (the glow plug is open circuit) and is defective!

It’s very easy to check, even if you don’t have a test meter (multimeter). To get the best results, remove the glow plug before testing.

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More Detailed Info:

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