How to Replace a Wheel Valve Stem (Video)

How to replace a tire valve stem…

When I connected the foot pump to pump up my tyre, I noticed that air was escaping. My initial thought was that the pump wasn’t connected to the valve properly. I tried reseating the foot pump on the valve, but air was still escaping?

When I removed the air pump connection, I found that when I moved the valve stem with my finger, air would escape. Something wasn’t right?

On closer examination, I found that the valve stem had perished and there was a hole. It would need to be replaced (see the image below). It was kind of frightening… As this defect could have caused a sudden blowout of my tyre.

How Do You Change a Valve Stem:

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More detailed information can be found on this page: How to Replace a Wheel Valve Stem: (Opens in a new window / tab)

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