How to Inflate a Car Tire Back on the Rim (Video)

Inflating a vehicle tire back on the wheel rim (a quick guide).

If you have no air in your tyre and it’s not sat on the rim. When you go to inflate it, the air is just going to leak out…

This video shows you how to seat the tire on the rim and create a seal so you can inflate it. I’m going to use a foot pump to demonstrate. As this is probably the most difficult way to do it, as you don’t have a constant flow of air.

  1. Make sure the tyre is seated by manipulating the tyre. This is to ensure not much air escapes during the initial re-inflation of the tyre.
Making Sure the Tyre is Seated, So it Can be Pumped Up
Making Sure the Tyre is Seated, So it Can be Pumped Up
  1. Start pumping up the tyre…
Pumping up the Tyre
Pumping up the Tyre
  1. As the air inflates the tyre, the air will push the tyre bead back onto the rim. You may need to manipulate the tire a bit to help it seat. Keep your fingers well away from the edge of the rim! Letting some air out may help?

Listen for the pop, as the tyre goes back on the rim!

  • Listen for the ‘pop’ as the tyre reseats itself back on the wheel rim.
  • Once the bead of the tyre is back on the rim, inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure for your vehicle.
  • Once re-inflated. Keep an eye on the tyre pressure to make sure there are no issues.

All Done…


Check the air pressure after a few hours, (and then a few days later) to make sure there are no leaks.

Inflating a Car Tyre When It’s Not Sat on the Rim:

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