TIG Collet Body (Gas Lens):

TIG Consumables - Gas Nozzles (Collet Body or Gas Lens) From L to R - Standard (long), Wide & Stubby.
Gas Collet Body (or Gas Lens) From L to R – Standard (long), Wide & Stubby.

The shielding gas exits the collet body (or gas lens) and fills the gas cup (nozzle) that screws onto the collet body.

TIG Collet Body – Names Used:
Consumable Names Used
TIG Collet Body Collet Body
Gas Lens
Gas Assembly

1 The name ‘Nozzle’ is sometimes used incorrectly. It’s more of a generic name for the whole end of the TIG torch assembly.


TIG Collet Body (Gas Lens) Types:

TIG Collet Body ‘Sub’ Types – Names Used:
Collet Body Type Names Used
Standard Collet Body
Short Stubby
Wide Wide
Large Diameter
1 Brand name.

The Different Types:

Standard (Long):

A bog standard collet body. Great for straight forward TIG welding.


The ‘Stubby’ collet body is basically a shortened version of the longer standard collet body (to aid usage in tighter spaces).

Wide (Often Fitted with a Diffuser):

The ‘Wide’ collet bodies are designed to give a good shielding gas coverage. A diffuser is often fitted, to try and focus the shielding gas. This often allows the tungsten electrode to protrude further from the gas cup, aiding visibility when welding in restricted spaces. They also allow for a shorter TIG gas cup to be fitted, giving easier access (with a now shorter TIG torch) in restricted spaces.

  • The ‘Standard’ collets are longer and may not fit the stubby or wide collet bodies.
  • The collets for a ‘Wide’ collet body may also fit a ‘Stubby’ collet body. Do a physical check, or check the part numbers.
  • Make sure they fit your TIG torch before purchasing.

TIG Collet Body (Gas Lens) Sizes:

Collet bodies are available in a variety of sizes. The size of the hole in the middle, (to fit the different size Tungsten electrodes, typically between 1.0mm (0.040″) and 6.35mm (1/4″)) usually dictates the actual size given to the collet body.

As you can see, the outside diameter tends to remain the same for a set of collet bodies, however the length can vary and are often classified as standard (long), or stubby. The actual length may vary between manufacturers


The collet bodies will need to fit the size of TIG torch being used. This is often split into two groups – See the article Which Parts Fit Which TIG Torch?

TIG Collet Body - Sized for Different Tungsten Electrodes
TIG Collet Body – Sized for Different Tungsten Electrodes

Buying a TIG Collet Body – Which Parts Fit?

TIG Torch Fittings Thread – Gas Cups (Nozzles) to Collet Body to Torch
Cooled by: TIG Torch Ceramic Cup (Nozzle) Thread Collet Body to
Torch Thread
Type1 Group Standard2 Stubby2
Air WP-17 A 13/32 UNS 3/4 UNF 3/8″ UNF
Air WP-26
Water WP-18
Air WP-9 B 3/8″ UNF 9/16 UNF 5/16″ UNF
Water WP-20

This is only a guide, please refer to the manufacturers data sheets…
1 Manufacturers may use a different code, sometimes replacing the first two letters with their own combination.
2 There may be differences dependant on the gas nozzle fitted.

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