TIG Welder Consumables

TIG welding consumables come in a variety of types and sizes, dependant on the material you want to weld and it’s size. The consumables also come in three distinct groups.

  • Filler Wire (or Rods).
  • TIG Torch Parts and Accessories.
  • Shielding Gas.

The consumables must also fit the type of TIG torch you’re using.

TIG Welding Consumables
TIG Welding Consumables

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TIG Welding Consumables (General Information):

There are many parameters you need to consider when buying TIG consumables.

TIG Consumables - Gas Cups, Gas Nozzles & Collets
TIG Consumables – Gas Cups, Gas Nozzles & Collets
  • The type of material(s) to be welded.
  • The thickness of the material to be welded.
  • The filler rods and their compatibility.
  • The type of welded joint.
  • The different variations of the interchangeable ‘consumable’ parts (and do they fit the torch?).
TIG Welding – Gun Part Sizes (A Rough Guide):
TIG Welding – Consumable Cross Reference Guide1
Material Thickness Amps Size (mm)
mm Inch Gauge DC AC Filler Rod Tungsten Gas Cup
0.50 1/64 24 5-20 5-15 1.02 1-1.6 3-5
0.65 1/32 22 10-35 10-30 1.02 1-1.6 3-5
0.80 1/32 20 20-50 25-45 1.02 1-1.6 4-5
1.00 3/64 18 25-80 45-60 1.0 1-1.6 4-5
1.30 3/64 16 40-90 50-100 1.0 1.6 4-6
1.60 1/16 14 60-100 50-100 1.6 1.6 4-6
2.40 3/32 11 85-125 90-150 1.6-2.4 1.6 4-6
3.20 1/8 100-135 125-190 1.6-2.4
2.4 4-6
4.00 5/32 125-175  180-200  2.4 2.4 5-7
4.80 3/16 150-225 180-240 3.2 2.4 7-8
This is only a guide, please refer to the manufacturers data sheets.
  • 1 Due to the many different parameters (the type of material, its size, the type of joint, etc, etc), the table above should be considered as a very rough guide:
  • 2 Tig filler rods are generally sold in sizes from 1.0mm and upwards (aluminium 1.6mm). If you want a smaller size wire, MIG wire is often used.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s warnings, instructions, and their Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Welding fumes and dust can affect your health.

Further Information:

Which consumables fit my TIG torch?

Topics (In More Detail):

The topics listed below, will hopefully make it easier to understand what the differences are between the various TIG welding consumables, and make it easier to obtain the correct items for the job in hand.

The three distinct groups of TIG consumables:

1. TIG Filler Wire (or Rods):
2. TIG Torch Parts and Accessories (Consumables):
3. TIG Shielding Gas:

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