TIG Shielding Gas:

TIG Consumables - Shielding Gas (Argon)
TIG Consumables – Shielding Gas (Argon)

Welding gases provide a shield around the welding arc to prevent oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen (contained in the air around us) from affecting the quality of the weld.


The Different Types of TIG Shielding Gas:

With TIG welding, pure Argon gas will shield most materials, but there are some differences which are illustrated in the table below.

TIG Welding – Shielding Gases
TIG Welding – What Gas do I Use?
Sugested Gas Mixture Material
Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Aluminium (Alum’m & Copper Alloys)
Argon (100%) *** ** (All) **
Argon/Helium (70/30%) * * ***
Argon/Hydrogen (98/2%) *** (Austenitic only)
Argon/Nitrogen (98/2%) ** (Duplex only)
The more asterisk there are, the better it is.
  • Each gas supplier, might have their own slightly different mix of gases (and their brand names for each different type of gas mixture). The table is intended to give you an idea on what gas you may need, and if a particular gas can be used across multiple types of materials.

How do I Connect the Argon Gas Bottle?

The Argon is connected to the TIG welder through a regulator. The regulator is a valve that screws into the top of the Argon bottle. It allows you to:

  • Open and close the flow of Argon gas.
  • Regulate the flow of Argon Gas.
  • It provides a connection point for a small hose between the TIG welder and the Argon bottle.

A regulator will often be supplied with one or two gauges. The first shows the bottle contents, the other will show the pressure of the Argon supplied to the TIG welder.

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