I’m just some person who likes to fix stuff. My downfall is I try to do way too much. I will try to fix, build and repair anything!

I attempt to :

  • Weld:
  • Spray:
  • Paint:
  • Brick laying & block work:
  • Build websites (from scratch):
  • Create code, (HTML, Javascript, VBA, CSS, etc).
  • Metal work:
  • Electrical work:
  • Plumbing:
  • Roofing:
  • Lead work:
  • Brazing:
  • Soldering:
  • Electronics:
  • Fault Finding:
  • Wood working:
  • Skilled in using lots of different software:
  • Vehicle restoration:
  • Imported & sold stuff from China:
  • Design and draw architectural plans (for planning permission):
  • My wife likes to write songs… I produced some of them, and one even got played on the radio (BBC Introducing). I was chuffed to bits with that!
  • Etc,

Some more of my stuff can be found here… (Opens in a new tab)

Phew… I must be mad. I’ll probably drop dead before I finish everything! Smiley