How to Fix a Roof Leak From the Inside (Video)

How to Fix a Roof Leak From the Inside (Video)

Carry out a Leaking Roof Repair from the Inside:

This video shows how you can easily fix a roof leak from the inside. It shows you everything you need to know. This is a much cheaper, easier and safer method and explains how you can fix that leak…

  • Do not try to fill every gap. The roof is meant to breathe and be able to expand and contract. Sticking everything together may cause further issues later on.
    • I.e. Only repair the leak.
    • Don’t use expanding foam. This may expand far more than needed and could cause issues later on.
  • If the leak is behind a large beam or covering, you may not be able to gain access to do the repair.


  1. Identify where the leak enters through the roof.
  2. Read the safety instructions on the polyurethane glue container. Wear the appropriate safety equipment.
  3. Once identified, clean the area to get rid of debris, cobwebs & dust. This will ensure a good bond with the Polyurethane. Note: Polyurethane glue can be used when the surface is wet.
  4. Dependant on the access available, squeeze the polyurethane into the hole or crack. If this is not possible, use a piece of wood, or stiff cardboard as a makeshift spatula to work the polyurethane into the hole or crack.
  5. Gravity will want to let the polyurethane fall or run out of the crack. Don’t let it fall out. Keep working it back into the hole.
  6. Polyurethane expands, (a bit like expanding foam) over time. 15 to 20 minutes later, the polyurethane will start to harden and expand slightly. Note: You can get faster curing Polyurethane glue.
  7. Eventually, the hole or crack will become blocked and you will no longer have to work the polyurethane into the hole.
  8. As long as the hole is fully covered, the hole in the roof should be sealed.

Ordering Tools & Materials:

The following table gives examples of the glue, gloves and vapour mask you can buy to fix your roof. If you’re not sure what you need, sometime it’s worth having a look? The list below may give you an idea of what’s what’s available, what to look for and how much it costs…

Ordering Materials – Examples of What You Can Buy:

Leaking Roof
Item Location
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More Detailed Info:

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