How to Repair Driveway

Driveways are under constant attack from weeds, sun, rain, vehicles, age and just general wear and tear. If you have an asphalt driveway, it may at first seem difficult to repair, as asphalt is normally applied hot when new.

However, you can repair asphalt (often misspelled ashfelt) with paint on bitumen products that you apply when cold. You can also match the textured finish, by adding similar sized aggregate to the bitumen if necessary.

How to Repair a Driveway
How to Repair a Driveway

The image above shows a freshly painted (with bitumen) asphalt driveway. As with all asphalt driveways, the colour will lighten with age.

Topics Covered:

How to Repair Asphalt – Weeds:

How to Repair a Driveway - Weeds
Weeds can be a real pain. They will often grow around the edge of driveways (where there is a join). Or, in any cracks that have appeared. A ‘self seeded’ […]

How to Repair Asphalt – Cracks and Holes:

How to Repair a Driveway - Two Holes and a Crack
Cracks in a driveway may be caused by roots growing underneath the driveway and causing the ground to expand. They may also be caused by: Weeds.Subsidence and Overloading. The holes […]

How to Repair Asphalt – Painting:

How to Repair a Driveway - Painting on Bitumen (Featured Image)
Over time, as an asphalt driveway ages, small stones in the asphalt become dislodged. The asphalt can loose its ability to hold together and can start to break up. Dirt […]

How to Repair Asphalt – Subsidence and Overloading:

How to Repair a Driveway - Using a watered down first coat as a primer. This helps everything stick
Topics Subsidence:Overloading:Prevention:Tools & Materials Required:The Repair:Notes (Hints & Tips): Subsidence: Subsidence is often where the surface below the asphalt is weakened by: Erosion.Or, the ground (substrate) under the asphalt covering, […]

Common Asphalt (Tarmac) Driveway Defects:

Common driveway defects can be split into the following groups:

Tools & Materials Required

  • A broom.
  • A power washer (preferred), or a hose with spray attachment.
  • Bitumen Paint.
  • Paint brushes, (roller or an old soft broom – These should be throw away items).
  • Store brushes in water (for water-soluble bitumen).
How to Repair a Driveway - Storing Your Brush When Painting With Bitumen
How to Repair a Driveway – Storing Your Brush When Painting With Bitumen