How to Repair Asphalt – Painting (Old Age, Wear and Tear):

Over time, as an asphalt driveway ages, small stones in the asphalt become dislodged. The asphalt can loose its ability to hold together and can start to break up. Dirt becomes ingrained, moss begins to grow. Weeds appear and the driveway gets worn down from use and general wear and tear. Old age comes to us all!

How to Repair a Driveway – Painting

The life of a driveway can be extend, or it’s appearance can be improved, by painting it with bitumen. The bitumen:

  • Fills the gaps and pits that were once filled with dirt.
  • Helps prevent moss and weeds from growing and breaking up the surface (fewer pits and holes for weed growing dirt and debris to hide).
  • Binds any loosened stones together.
  • Helps prevent the stones in the asphalt from lifting (caused by tyre, and general wear and tear).
  • After rain, the surface will dry quicker (fewer pits and holes for water holding dirt and debris to hide).

What’s Asphalt Made of ?

An asphalt driveway consists of 5% asphalt and 95% aggregates (stone, sand and gravel). Asphalt is usually applied when warm. As an asphalt driveway wears, the stone chippings (stone, sand and gravel) start to lift, causing wear.

Tools & Materials Required:

  • A broom.
  • A power washer (preferred), or a hose with spray attachment.
  • Bitumen Paint.
  • Paint brushes, (roller or an old soft broom – These should be throw away items).
  • A pot for storing dirty brushes (so they don’t dry out).

The Repair:

The driveway is looking a bit tired. There are loose Stones, moss, dirt and weeds.

How to Repair a Driveway – Old Age, Loose Stones, Moss & Dirt

What can we do to repair or refresh the driveway? We can clean and paint the driveway with Bitumen paint!

The easiest way to do this is to first, is to sweep the driveway, then power wash it, (be careful, try not to damage the driveway). If you power wash straight away, it usually means you’re just pushing the dirt & debris around.

  1. Sweep up as much of the dirt as you can. Then power wash it.
  2. Washing the dirt away provides a good key for painting.
How to Repair a Driveway – Cleaning the Area (Power Washing)
  1. I’m using a water-soluble bitumen paint, (there are other types of bitumen paint that need thinners).
  2. Use a watered down first coat as a primer. This helps the bitumen paint stick to the driveway.
How to Repair a Driveway – Painting with Bitumen
  1. Work the bitumen into all the pits and holes in the driveway using a brush.
How to Repair a Driveway – Painting Bitumen – Work Into all the Pits and Holes
  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for, drying times and the number of coats needed.
How to Repair a Driveway – Painting on Bitumen


Painting a Driveway or Path.
How to Paint a Driveway or Path

Notes (Hints & Tips):

  • Move any items that can get splashed with Bitumen (especially plastics), as it can be difficult to clean off.
  • The darker colour will lighten with time.
  • You could use a broom or a roller to paint the bitumen onto the driveway.
  • Store brushes in water (for water-soluble bitumen).
  • Be prepared to throw any brushes out when you finish, as they may be difficult to clean?
How to Repair a Driveway – Storing Your Brush When Painting With Bitumen

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