How to Repair Your cylinder head Gasket

Repairing Your Head Gasket

The images below show what's involved in repairing a cylinder head gasket, from the initial strip down to re-assembly. Modern engines are fairly complicated, with numerous additions to help the engines efficiency, smoothness and control. However, the task is fairly straight forward, it just takes time, energy and some mechanical engineering ability. If you're not planning to do the job yourself, the images may give you an idea on what is involved and why garage costs can be high.

The vehicle in this example is a 2.5 litre, 5 cylinder Land Rover TD5 diesel engine, so it's of a reasonable size and weight. An engine hoist is used to lift the cylinder head off, as the head still has lots of ancillary components attached, (I have seen others lift this size head off by hand). Smaller engines should be no problem weight wise.

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Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Engine Bay
Engine Bay Ready for cylinder head removal
Head Gasket Repair - Removing the Engine 'Acoustic' Covers
Removing the 'Acoustic' Engine Cover
Head Gasket Repair - Removing the Hoses and Ancillary equipment
Removing the Hoses and Ancillary equipment
Head Gasket Repair - Lubricating to ease removal
Using 'Plus Gas' to help remove stubborn components
Head Gasket Repair - Camshaft cover removed
Camshaft cover removed / Disconnecting pipework
Head Gasket Repair - Disconnecting the cam drive chain
Disconnecting the cam drive chain
Head Gasket Repair - Undoing the head bolts
Undoing the cylinder head bolts
Head Gasket Repair - Lifting the head off
Lifting the cylinder head off using an engine hoist
Head Gasket Repair - Head Removed for inspection
Removed for inspection with some Ancillary Equipment still attached
Head Gasket Repair - Signs of Gasket Failure
Rust coloured Staining - Signs of Gasket Failure
Head Gasket Repair - Fitting a new Gasket
After cleaning the Head & Block, Fitting a new cylinder head Gasket
Head Gasket Repair - Replacing the Head
Replacing The cylinder head on the Engine Block
Head Gasket Repair - Tightening the cylinder head down to the Specified Torque
Tightening the cylinder head down to the Specified Torque

Main Tasks Required to Replace the cylinder head Gasket

The following is a rough list of the steps required to remove the engine cylinder head.

Click next to find a description of the faults that indicated a 'blown' cylinder head gasket on this vehicle, or click here.