All My Files are Read Only

Folders and Files are Read Only

My problems started when I reinstalled Windows 10 (I believe this issue may also effects Windows 7 and 8). I tried to save my new file to a folder I had created and used for many years, but windows wouldn't let me? The message I received stated that: "You don't have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission."You don't have permission to save in this location

I am the administrator:

I had tried all sorts of solutions in various forums, but none would work?

My files are read only It appears I have full control

Folders and Files are Read Only - The Solution

What was happening? It looks like Windows was still in overall control. A bit like booking the day off to go fishing, but your boss tells you that you can't!

How do we change this (get promotion and become the boss!). Your operating system will have a folder called Users, normally under the c:\ drive. I changed my security permissions on this folder and 'Bingo' it worked! Problem solved.My users folder

I was now able to save my files where I wanted. If you have more than one drive, such as d:\ you may need to change the permissions in these additional drives as well. Remember, the key for gaining overall control is the user folder on the drive where windows is installed (usually C:\ drive - see the image above).

Below is a short video on how I changed my permissions. Please note that any changes to your operating system is at your own risk.