Buying a NAS - ZyXEL NAS540 Review

Buy a NAS - ZyXEL NAS540 Comparison

Which NAS should I buy, what is the best NAS?

ZyXel NAS540

For me, when I'm buying something, it comes down to "what do you get for your money"? You can look at this in several ways:

  1. You get what you pay for?
  2. Buy cheap, if it falls over, get another one?
  3. It's all I can afford?
  4. Over priced and over hyped?
  5. Spend a long drawn out scientific investigation into all the pro's and cons, taking into account how much your going to have to spend to get what you want?

The truth is I went for number 5, but did consider all of the above. I was originally after a 2 bay NAS, but ended up looking at the ZyXEL NAS540 4 bay, because of the hardware specifications:

The video shows the unboxing of a ZyXEL NAS540 and a Seagate 4TB NAS hard disk drive. The NAS540 is a 4 bay personal cloud storage server, capable of supporting 24TB on 4 x 6TB hard drives.

Which is the Best NAS to Buy?

Why did I buy a ZyXEL NAS540?

Looking at reviews, price and specifications:

To summarise:

If you're not sure what you should buy, you may want to have a look at this page 'Buying a NAS'. It gives lots of information on the different options you have when buying a NAS (or any other type of storage device).